By Alex Sherwood aka aNotioneer

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<aside> 👋 I created a version of this template for a freelance photographer. With the new year coming up they wanted a single place where they could keep track of their bookings, invoices and how much they've earned. It features:

📸 Jobs database: use this to keep track of what work you have coming up. The calendar view to visualise makes this easy to visualise and the board view will help you manage jobs status. You can also record how much you've earned / are due to earn and how much you'll need to pay in tax.

🎒 Equipment database: use this as a packing list. Switch to a dedicated filtered view for the type of job you're packing for, to only see the items that you need to take. This is also linked to the Equipment Insurance database where you can keep a record of your equipment's insurance cover and set reminders before it's due to expire.

✈️ Trips database: use this to organise your trips.

🌟 Highlights database: a collection of your best work, for easy reference to show clients or use in your portfolio / website / adverts etc.

If you have any questions then feel free to add a comment or ask them on Facebook / Reddit.

*The names, numbers & dates in this template are made up.


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