Thanks for checking out this template. I created a page like this recently to share the brand assets for the company that I work for with collaborators.

I've used Ubuntu's assets in this example. The rest of the content on this page comes from their site.

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**About Us | Values | Font | Brand colours | Logo | Figma**

About Us

You make Ubuntu

You use Ubuntu

You talk Ubuntu

Ubuntu is yours

The Ubuntu Brand Guidelines exist so we can all communicate Ubuntu with the same precision we use to make it.


We believe everyone has the right to a great computing experience — and we also believe it should be free. Ubuntu is the result of a growing community, working together to provide just that. As such, the Ubuntu brand embodies four values:


Ubuntu celebrates freedom. Freedom to choose, to change, to participate.


You can depend on Ubuntu. Like the people who make it, it is trustworthy and keeps its promises.


Ubuntu is crisp and clean in engineering and attitude. There is beauty in the precision of the process and product.


Working together is at the heart of Ubuntu. It is the essence of ’humanity towards others‘.


The way typography is used says as much about our brand as the words themselves.

The Ubuntu typeface has been specially created to complement the Ubuntu tone of voice. It has a contemporary style and contains characteristics unique to the Ubuntu brand that convey a precise, reliable and free attitude.

Ubuntu font