By Alex Sherwood aka aNotioneer

<aside> 👋 This template is designed to help you plan your lessons while home schooling.

It starts at a high level view, where you can plan what to cover in each week, in each quarter. Then you can start to plan activities to cover in the weekly schedule. Finally you'll be able to schedule those activities in the daily planner.

Whereas the Simple Home Schooling Planner keeps everything in a single table, this template uses relations to link tables together, to organise your information. This has several advantages:

Themes - Your lessons for each week will be orientated around this theme.

Focuses - These are areas that your student(s) struggled with recently. You can choose activities that incorporate developing this area, along with learning about a particular topic.

Topics - These are subjects that make up your curriculum.

Feel free to add a comment if you have any questions or feedback about using this template 😄


Start by adding themes to this database.


Then add your topics to this database.


You could also add holidays to this database, if you want to include those in your Weeks schedule.


Now you're ready to start creating your schedule.


Weekly Schedule

Daily Schedule